Stop Planned Parenthood from reopening in Lubbock


Planned Parenthood recently announced that they will open a new abortion facility in Lubbock by the end of 2020.

Take action now to stop the abortion giant from profiting off of vulnerable women and preborn babies in the West Texas community.

Save Lives
Save Lives

Save innocent children from the nightmare of abortion as more mothers utilize pregnancy resource centers and life-affirming adoption agencies. All lives are precious and every life matters.

Protect Women
Protect Women

Women are scarred and families are brutally destroyed by abortion. Lubbock already has low-cost women’s health care options. Our community doesn’t need (or want) Planned Parenthood.

Defend Lubbock
Defend Lubbock

Stand up for the Lubbock you know and love and don’t let our community be a destination for abortion. Lubbock can become a Sanctuary City for the Unborn and prevent the abortion industry from setting up shop.

Right now 13 cities are Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn and have prevented Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry from setting up shop in their city limits.

What you can do:


Sign the petition to officially voice your opposition to Planned Parenthood’s efforts to open in Lubbock. Every signature creates more momentum.


Let’s make this go viral all around the South Plains! Every voice matters and every person is needed. Click the below links to share to social media.


We can make sure Planned Parenthood is gone for good by making Lubbock a Sanctuary City for the Unborn. This will legally prevent any abortion facilities from opening in Lubbock. Ever.

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Lubbock is the target.

Don’t let the abortion industry set up shop. Defend West Texas babies and women.